Claire Harkins

Esteemed oil painting artist originally from the scenic Monterey Bay area and currently based in vibrant Medford, Oregon.

Claire’s artistic prowess shines through her unique interpretation of her surroundings, resulting in artwork that is truly distinctive. Drawing inspiration from her extensive travels across six continents, her global perspective infuses each piece with depth and richness.

With over three decades of dedicated contribution to the local art scene, Claire’s reputation as a distinguished artist precedes her.

Discover the allure of Claire’s creations, cherished in private collections both domestically and internationally. Explore her gallery and experience the world through her evocative brushstrokes.

Join us in celebrating the journey of a seasoned artist whose work resonates far beyond geographical boundaries.

Artist Statement

Painting is Power

I never feel more powerful, happy or in control, than when I am painting. I paint with frenzy, afraid someone will interrupt me. I take no prisoners. I dance and shout, pull weeds and constantly talk to my dog.

Like many women, I like to arrange my world to my liking. It’s sometimes difficult to buy new furniture, or rearrange grown trees. When I’m painting I am in control of this canvas universe and can make everything pink or purple, if I so desire. Frequently, I desire.

If I am painting a thigh, I can feel that thigh with my brush (do you want larger breasts, a nose job…no extra charge.) If I am painting flowers or fields I move within the petals or among the grass. I can feel the breeze from the mountains.

I love bold color, strong lines, light and shadows. In my landscapes I love to showcase movement in nature. In my “Room Portraits”, I like to make up stories about who might be living there, what they might be doing. I fantasize about bygone eras when life might have been simpler.

I am not saving the world with my work, but would like to create some warmth, a smile, and a glimpse of my version of a canvas universe