Claire O. Harkins is a regionally renowned artist in the Monterey Bay area who has been active in the local art community for over 25 years. Her highly sought-after artwork focuses on the local California landscape from the undulating fields of the Salinas Valley to the Spanish influenced architecture of Santa Barbara.

Claire delights in bold color, strong lines, and high contrasts. She delights in odd perspectives, outrageous colors and whimsical images. Her unique point of view lends itself well to her colorful and joyus “Interiorscapes” and “Room Portraits”.

Claire’s creative interpretation of her surroundings makes her artwork truly distinct. Additionally, having traveled to six of the seven continents her global vision is incorporated in each piece of art. Her work is in private collections both nationally and internationally.




"I love organizing shapes, colors, and life. The central coast of California provides a treat for the eye, wherever you look." See Claire's Landscape Paintings»


"It's fun to paint my zany ladies with attittude - playing with different eras and settings emphasizing color and style." See Claire's Paintings of People»

Interiors / Still Lifes

"Rooms are safe havens where anything I want to unfold, does. Mixing and matching furniture, what more could I ask for? My still lifes are anything but still. There is color and movement in all I paint." See Claire's Interiors and Still Life Paintings»
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