Artist’s Statement

Claire O. Harkins


I never feel more powerful, happy or in control, than when I am painting. I paint with frenzy, afraid someone will interrupt me. I take no prisoners. I dance and shout, pull weeds and constantly talk to my dog.

Like many women, I like to arrange my world to my liking. It’s sometimes difficult to buy new furniture, or rearrange grown trees. When I’m painting I am in control of this canvas universe and can make everything pink or purple, if I so desire. Frequently, I desire.

If I am painting a thigh, I can feel that thigh with my brush (do you want larger breasts, a nose job…no extra charge.) If I am painting flowers or fields I move within the petals or among the grass. I can feel the breeze from the mountains.

I love bold color, strong lines, light and shadows. In my landscapes I love to showcase the Central Coast of California. In my “Room Portraits”, I like to make up stories about who might be living there, what they might be doing. I fantasize about bygone eras when life might have been simpler.

I am not saving the world with my work, but would like to create some warmth, a smile, and a glimpse of my version of a canvas universe.

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